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At SnackBoxx, we strategically position our vending machines in convenient and high-traffic locations throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. We aim to provide easy access to refreshing beverages and delicious snacks for customers in need of a quick pick-me-up or satisfying treat. Here are some of the key locations where you can find our vending machines::

  1. Office Buildings: Our vending machines are a popular choice in office buildings across Los Angeles and Orange County. From small startups to large corporate complexes, we understand the need for quick and convenient refreshments during busy workdays.

  2. Educational Institutions: We serve a wide range of educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and universities. Our vending machines offer students, faculty, and staff a variety of snacks and beverages to keep them energized throughout the day.

  3. Healthcare Facilities: Our vending machines are located in hospitals, clinics, and medical centers, providing visitors and healthcare professionals with convenient options for refreshments and snacks.

  4. Recreational Facilities: We cater to recreational facilities such as gyms, sports complexes, and entertainment venues. Whether you're taking a break between workouts or enjoying a leisure activity, our vending machines offer a quick and convenient refueling option.

  5. Community Centers: Our vending machines can be found in community centers, providing a convenient snacking solution for individuals and families attending events or utilizing the facility's amenities.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles County

Discover our vending machine services in the vibrant and diverse Los Angeles County. From the bustling city streets to the scenic neighborhoods, we bring convenience and quality snacks to businesses throughout the county. Experience our reliable vending solutions that cater to the unique needs of Los Angeles County businesses, ensuring a satisfying experience for both customers and employees.


Orange County

Experience the convenience of our vending machine services in Orange County. Whether you're located in the lively cities or tranquil coastal communities, we deliver top-notch vending solutions to businesses across the county. With a wide selection of snacks and beverages, coupled with exceptional service and support, our vending machines are tailored to meet the needs of Orange County businesses, adding value to your workplace environment.

Vending Machines on Sidewalk

We are continuously expanding our network of locations in Los Angeles and Orange County to ensure widespread availability of our vending machine services. If you have a specific location in mind where you'd like to see our vending machines, we are open to exploring new opportunities and partnerships.

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